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The Voice Over Journey of Cat Smith

New year. New me. a.k.a. I know things now.

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To say the last two years were hard would be an understatement.  I was heavily in persuit of the golden carrot, on my path, when I was knocked into a ditch by the most negative of people.  I liken it to Red Riding Hood.

” Mother said, ‘Straight ahead,’ Not to delay or be misled…. I should have heeded Her advice… But he seemed so nice.”

She had a path to follow.  The wolf distracted her with flowers and other such things.  Only in my tale, I cut myself out of that wolf by letting the clock strike midnight on December 31, 2012.  Wait, does that make me Cinderella as well?  I did dye my hair.

In any case, there are a lot of Negative Nancys out there.  Even though a lot of us think we are very strong and would never let another person’s opinions and insults get in our way, little by little over time, it can start to sink in.  This year, I will see the signs in advance and keep those people at bay.

Step one in the process was surrounding myself with wonderful, positive voice over folk in my Wine Country VoiceOvers group.  We had our meet-up two days ago at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sonoma, CA.  If you’re interested in rubbing elbows, getting tips, or giving guidance as a seasoned professional, look for us on Facebook and please do join.  We meet once a month.

January Meet-up at Hopmonk Sonoma

As I said, midnight was kind of a cleansing moment for me and I woke up on the first filled with so much positive energy.  I’m ready to climb out of the ditch back on to the path, and I think you’ll find I have a good foothold.

This month is a hard month financially, which I think a lot of the world is feeling right now.  I would start by taking some classes to build my chops back up, but alas, that will have to wait until next month.  In the meantime, I have Aurelex drying in the corner.  I glued it to poster board so that I may use damage free hanging velcro to attach it to the walls.  My account is still in good standing at Voice123 and I’m enrolled in their next webinar which should get me motivated.  Did you know January is a big month for voiceover?  Also, the radio show is still going strong and I’m working on getting some podcasts up by this weekend.

All of this and a return to blogging has me motivated.  I’m determined to be the inspiring person I was becoming and to be inspired by the voiceover greats I know via their blogs and video lessons.  2013 will be a great year.  And yes, you can quote me on that.


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Cat Smith is a voice over actress in Northern, CA. She has been a popular radio host of several shows on Sun FM 91.3 KSVY Sonoma, including the award winning Mornings in Sonoma, Girls Night Out, The Mix Tape, and more. She is also the voice of Skip, a puppet in Eco Beeps with Skip & Molly, winner in the category Independent Short Ages 2-5 at the Kids First Film Festival (Episode 1, Plastic Bags).

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  1. I LOVE your positivity. Yes, must ignore the negative people who zap you of your Cat powers. Besides what Cat doesn’t always land on its feet?! =) BIG HUGS!

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