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TGIFF! 13Sep13


Happy Friday the 13th!  It’s thank goodness it’s Friday favorites day!  I’m excited to post my favorite of the voices sent to me for last week’s Saturday Sketches, so let’s jump right in!

Twis'mah TunicHere is the little guy that everyone was submitting character voices for this week.  He’s from a strange alien world and his name is Twis’Mah Tunik.  Twis’Mah is a character from Roshambo Comics first issue, The Horror of Hopscotch.  It is written by Michael Dismuke and illustrated by Susan C Tsui.  Thanks to Michael and Susan for letting us borrow their character for inspiration.  Book one is available as a free download on thier website, but soon will be for sale in full color.


I’m pleased to announce that my favorite voice this week came from John Gale!  Saturday Sketches asks for the first voice that comes to mind when looking at the picture of the character.  Here is his first take:

This also made me realize, I probably shouldn’t have assumed everyone knew how to pronounce Roshambo.  Whoops!  I don’t count it against him, but in case you’re curious, it’s roe-sham-bow.

The next take I usually give three facts about the character to keep in mind and see how it alters your voice choice for the character.  This time, since the character is from a complete comic, I chose to add another frame describing who he is.  This is how John varied his character voice:

Yes, the directions were to read the same line again, but since it was another panel, I probably confused things.  Isn’t it interesting how his voice changed subtly after the new facts?  I love this exercise.  I hope you are all having fun with it.  Remember, a new one will be up tomorrow.

Well, that was my favorite of the voice submissions, now here are a few favorite links from the Twitterverse.

Hope you enjoyed TGIFF!  Check back tomorrow for another Saturday Sketches.  Keep sending in those voices!


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Cat Smith is a voice over actress in Northern, CA. She has been a popular radio host of several shows on Sun FM 91.3 KSVY Sonoma, including the award winning Mornings in Sonoma, Girls Night Out, The Mix Tape, and more. She is also the voice of Skip, a puppet in Eco Beeps with Skip & Molly, winner in the category Independent Short Ages 2-5 at the Kids First Film Festival (Episode 1, Plastic Bags).

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