Untitled Student Film

Throwback Thursday- the helmet belly

Untitled Student FilmI thought I would start adding a photo on Thursdays, much like everyone does on Facebook for Throwback Thursday, but mine will all be theatre related.  I’ll post them on Thursdays when I think about it.

This photograph is from a student film I did for a friend who was a film major at UCSD.    Kristen never titled the piece because she was never told what play the teacher pulled this portion of the script from.  Having fun with it, we used a bicycle helmet for my pregnant belly.  There was a scene where they showed a toupee in a gift box, so we cut a hole in the box and filmed the actor’s hair popping out of it.  Somehow, I think we turned a very serious play very white trash but it was fun.  If I can ever find that video tape, I’ll post the hilarity  on YouTube.  For now, just enjoy my flashback photo.




With AntonioAs I said, I wish I could have blogged through the entire SDCC experience.  In fact, I was so on the go and in such a blur, I’m only right now able to sit and ponder my favorite moments.  Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?  (Sorry, I may have listened to several Talkin’ Toons podcasts on my journey.)  I’m laughing at myself for looking at footage and thinking, “I talked to that guy?”  Oh well, it will come to me.

For now, I want to let everyone know, that aside from actual blogs, I’m going to start three new weekly topics.  If I don’t get around to blogging in a week, you can still be confident that fun can be had by visiting my blog.  TGIF is not starting today, as I have to figure out what it shall entail, but since I needed to make some announcements today, it seemed fitting to at least post that it is coming.  The other two are Tongue Twister Tuesdays and Character Study Saturdays.  The latter is a working title.  I’d really like something more clever.  Saturday’s festivities will debut tomorrow. This is an audience participation weekly event and I’m anxious to see how it takes off.

NerdsMy first The Geek Girl Project interview went live today, so please, go check it out and “like” and share!  It is with Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong discussing their 2nd season of King of the Nerds on TBS.  Enjoy!

(Photo with Robert Carradine, Revenge of the Nerds)


San Diego Comic Con 2013

Photo Jul 25, 11 42 56 AM

The best laid plans… I had intended on blogging every day from SDCC.  That of course didn’t happen.  I was on the go and live from the time I got there until the moment I passed out at my friend’s house in Poway on completion of the convention.  It was a blast filming interviews for The Geek Girl Project and I also have some news on that front.  The other two conventions that I was on camera from finally will be seen!  I’m taking over the publishing and they will be out this coming week.  I will focus on this year’s San Diego Comic Con first, but will get those videos logged in to The Geek Girl Project as well.  Keep your eyes open!  Interviews are coming!


Where does the time go?

It is once again time for the insanely crazy, overstuffed, exciting, thrilling, sucking, claustrophobic week of San Diego Comic Con.  As it approaches, it makes me aware of things I’ve neglected this year.  Well, that and my therapist.  Did I mention this new year came with a new therapist?  He reassures me that I’m okay on a weekly basis, but has also given me some valuable tools and insight.  I’m very happy to be investing that hour in me every week.  Aside from that, there was a very obvious road block between my blog and I which he has helped me over come, and hopefully, I’m back at the blogging.

Today’s biggest realization came when a film festival friend asked for a link to my voice over demo.  (Which by the way I listened to again and it still feels like nails on a chalkboard to me because of the quality.  I digress.)  It seems that a few months ago when I started the blog for my radio show, Hollywood & West Napa Street, it had taken over my index page.  This means anyone typing in http://www.catsmith.net was automatically taken to that blog, and never once directed to my web page.  What a waste of a couple months of hosting fees!  Bugger.  I removed that blog, to be explored later, and have re-established the home page as such.  Welcome back web presence!

Upon starting that process I took a really good look at my website.  I need to update!  When did I do that last?  I will admit that personal situations did cause certain parts of my life to hit the back burner, but now I really need to do something about it.  So, here’s what I’m working on this week leading up to ComicCon followed by a few links to websites belonging to friends in the voiceover business.  I want to share some good examples with those who might just be starting to build, or just need some inspiration like I do.

autographChecklist go…

  1. Update the website- this is also very important as I’m about to walk around a convention with business cards leading to my site.  Is the first impression I want to make that everything there is old and that I’m no longer relevant?  Or do I want it to reflect that, “Hey!  This girl has things going on!  Definitely I should consider her for my next project!”
  2. I’ve been saying that I was going to check out a local (ish) training facility- wow, that made it sound very sterile.  A studio that has workshops and classes and casting, oh my!  And I like to not share the info on such things unless I’ve already checked it out personally.  However, this person is going to be on the radio with me tomorrow and that factors in.  I will be chatting with Samantha Paris of VoiceTrax on the show tomorrow at 10:05 am PST.  (stream live at Sun FM or on your smart phones via TuneIn Radio)  She is a coach that was referred to me by someone I really respect, actually, come to think of it, two someones!  As I researched my questions for tomorrow, I started to get very excited and now I can’t wait to get over there and get my feet wet.
    **This won’t happen in the week leading to Con, but the interview and research will.**
  3. My copy of Voice Acting for Dummies (autographed of course!) arrived and I was sitting with note pad in hand when I decided to run over and write this blog.  That is my current plans for the evening.
  4. Finally, I signed up for a $1 trial month of Voices.com and have slacked off the last week getting to it.  Not really slacked off as I was just that busy, however, I need to get to it so I can really make an educated decision.  Trick is, I have to spend this week trying out, as Con week is going to be an audition free zone.

That was the final plan for this week, however, looking into next week, I remember I have plans to meet up with Connie Mustang in San Diego.  If anyone can light a motivational fire under my ass it’s her!  I can’t wait to wrangle up some time with the leader of the heard!

Now, as promised, a list of some wonderful websites to check out.

  • Just launched online this week:  Chris Thom, not another monkey with a mic!
  • An absolute adorable tiny human with a huge amount of talent, Lisa Biggs
  • Terry Daniel I’ve included not just because it’s a clean design, but also because everyone should check out his blog and videos.  He has a lot to offer.
  • Randye Kaye- another clean, simple, and easy to use site that still manages to have everything.
  • Finally, one of my besties in the biz, Jennifer Knight.

These are just the people I looked at today.  Do a Google! search for voice actor and explore.  Write down what you like and don’t like about each site.  Use that to help you create your site, or figure out what needs to be added to the existing one.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Hollywood & West Napa Street not only to hear about VoiceTrax, but also because I will talk to Mellini Kantayya about her book Actor. Writer.  Whatever.  This is on the must read list for anyone in the creative arts industry.


The great parts of 2012 I want to remember

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I’ve chosen to erase 2011/2012 from my memory, but there are some things I’d like to remember about 2012.  I had wanted to do a reflection blog on these memories but sort of forgot about it until I was re-inspired by Tom Dheere’s blog: The Top 5 “Top 5″ Lists of 2012.  I’m not going to cover as many topics, but here are the highlights of my year.  (I’m including links to all of these talented folks so you can learn from their demos, blogs, and knowledge.)

Top 5 best compliments:

  • Lisa Biggs and I standing on either side of Chris Thom and having him “have to take a picture” because we make him feel like he’s living in a cartoon.
  • Having Joe Cipriano not able to finish a conversation with me because my voice was “too cute.”
  • At Roxy’s Roadhouse Revue in LA, I sang Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors.  After, someone said to me, “I thought you were lip-syncing and then I realized you were singing!”
  • Get ID’d to be in the Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Resort the weekend before my 41st birthday.  She handed the card back to me and said, “You’re going to look good when you’re 80!
  • Meeting Jenn Knight at an event at the Sonoma International Film Festival.  We met because she knew from the Internet that I was a voice actor.  Just because I’m not famous, it doesn’t mean I’m not recognizable!

Top 5 things I’m so happy I got to do:

  • Attend Voice2012.  It was the best experience of my life.  And being an ambassador was the icing on the cake.
  • Be “Steve” at the Sonoma International Film Festival.  He couldn’t make it so I was his official errand girl which was extra fun, and I got to meet John Waters!
  • Being asked to be on a panel at not just WonderCon, but ComicCon as well.  Don’t think those name cards are not sitting above my desk right now.  (PS… found the best wig makers ever at WonderCon:  Gothic Lolita Wigs!)
  • Going to a party on a yacht at ComicCon with my friend David Decio and his friends.  Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 was chatting with me on the deck and some fans recognized her from the dock and yelled for a picture.  When I tried to back away, she pulled me in and yelled to them, “She was in Babylon 5 also!”  I’m sure they’re still pausing DVDs to look for me.
  • Hang out with Connie Mustang.  It’s like we had known each other forever and we’ve made future plans for some fun shenanigans!

And since this Top 5 things is harder than it looks, Tom Dheere, I’m just going to list some honorable mentions.

Dave Fennoy, “the Hulu Guy”

I fired a client.  Don’t ever let the fact that a gig pays mean that the producer/director can say nasty things to you, perform on low quality equipment, and generally waste your time.  We are all worth more than that.

I met the Hulu guy!  I watch Hulu every day, and he announces every show to me.  One day I pointed at the TV and said, “I’m going to meet that guy!”  One week later I Dave Fennoy.

In person, I finally met several of the people I look up to.   I can’t list them all because I’m having afraid of having an Oscar moment and forgetting someone.  Also, I got to reconnect with several of my faves.

Bottom: WonderCon

With Jenn Knight, we started the Wine Country VoiceOvers group and have had a monthly meet-up since.  It’s such a great idea.  We motivate, inspire, and support each other.

I did my first on camera interviews at WonderCon for thegeekgirlproject.com.  I’m sure someday they’ll load them, but the experience was fun.

And I lost 35 lbs!  As my friend Melissa likes to point out, that’s 140 sticks of butter.  That’s quite a bit of butter.

So as you can see, 2012 wasn’t a complete wash.  There are things to remember and be inspired by.  But I’m determined that 2013 will be a great year!  Now, back to auditions… and preparing for karaoke tomorrow night… and booking guests… and…