Sonoma International Film Festival 2018, Interviews with the Filmmakers Part 2

The California No movie still

Made a mad rush to get this edited in time for the film festival, but here it is! Two more films for your consideration: The California No and Cancer Can Be Killed. To see the entire film festival schedule with the complete list and description of every movie that will be here, visit the Sonoma International Film Festival’s website. The California No “It […]

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Quaker Oaths, interview with filmmaker Louisiana Kreutz

A fun romantic comedy appearing at the Sonoma International Film Festival this year is Quaker Oaths and we had writer/director, Louisiana Kreutz on to tell us all about the film. Have you heard of unicycle football? Either had I before watching this film! About Quaker Oaths: When Quakers get married, they ask every wedding guest to sign their marriage certificate. […]

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Crazy4ComicCon, interview 2 with SDCC blogger Tony B Kim

If you go to SDCC yearly you are probably familiar with @crazy4comiccon on Twitter.  If not and you’re interested in going, you should definitely be looking for him.  This time around, we chatted with him about multi cultural comics and his tips for a successful Comic Con. About Tony: Growing up in Texas, I had always heard of the mythical […]

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Taking My Parents to Burning Man, interview with producer Joel McCarthy

It’s March so it’s all SIFF all the time!  The next filmmaker we interviewed was Joel McCarthy from Canada.  He and other cast mates were attending with their film, and my favorite of the entire festival, Taking My Parents to Burning Man. About TMPTBM: A parental coming-of-age story that follows a sixty-year-old couple getting dragged to Burning Man by their […]

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Mary Louise Parker, interview with G5 Radio producer Jason Ghiselin

Mary Louise Parker

Our good friend Jason Ghiselin, a regular on our show and producer of G5 radio, came in to do a recap of the interview G5 did with Mary Louise Parker.  MLP was here for a special Tribute Award from the Sonoma International Film Festival.  I got to be a fly on the wall of that interview which was broadcast live […]

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Doobie Brothers, interview with drummer Ed Toth

drummer Ed Toth

Every year the Doobie Brothers grace the valley of Sonoma with a concert at BR Cohn Winery.  Ed Toth has been a drummer for the Doobies since 2005 and with the show quickly approaching, he called in to chat about the event, what he’s up to for side projects, and his musical past.  We also played a song from Vertical […]

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