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My name is Cat Smith and I have a funny voice.  Growing up I was often teased for my “baby talk.”  A speech therapist once pulled me out of class and told me that I needed to “knock it off!”  After a week, she gave up realizing no matter what she did, this was my voice and it wasn’t going to change. 

From the time I could crawl, I could dance.  And from the time I could be seen in public, I could embarrass my mom.  At three years old, I jumped up on the table in a gourmet hot dog shop in San Francisco, singing “Hello Dolly.”  No really, just those words.  I didn’t know the rest.  And before we knew it, the owner of the restaurant was singing with me.  I was born to perform. 

As I grew up, I started to embrace this as a gift and something that made me truly unique.  That’s when my voice turned from nightmare to dream as I realized it wasn’t a flaw.  My voice is something that can bring life to an animated character, convince someone to buy a product, or even give directions.

I was a drama major in San Diego, CA.  I studied everything from improv comedy to musical theatre, and sang in piano and karaoke bars as often as possible.  Upon returning to Northern California, I studied several years in a voice over studio, eventually recording my demo. 

In my hometown of Sonoma, CA, I've been on the local radio station for over 8 years, hosting various shows.  I have co-hosted a morning drive time, been a music DJ, and an outlet for local news.  I landed on IMDb through my voice role as “Skip” in Eco Beeps with Skip & Molly.  I’ve done several commercials and still have the dream to voice for animation.  My voice can travel, but I also have a home studio.

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