Sonoma International Film Festival, interview with the filmmakers Part 3

SIFF2019 is almost here! The countdown continues: 8 days

As usual, I’ve got the inside scoop on some of my favorite films that you do not want to miss this year at the festival! Today, in another extended episode, I’ve got even more filmmaker interviews! Next week, tune into the final 2 full hours of #SIFF2019 information just in time for attending the festival.

Here are five more films, and a festival within the festival, to get excited about! To see the entire film festival schedule with the complete list and description of every movie that will be here, visit the Sonoma International Film Festival’s website.

Sonoma Valley High School Media Arts Program Student Showcase, interview with program director Peter Hansen

Student Showcase“Spearheaded by teacher Peter Hansen, students are provided educational opportunities and vocational training in film and media-related arts. Over the years, hundreds of students enrolled in the acclaimed program have been introduced to the process of storytelling through scriptwriting and filmmaking, producing dozens of short films, many of which are shown at the Student Showcase.”

If we had that program when I was in high school… ! In this interview, Peter Hansen tells us all about the program and the films we will see at the festival. The Showcase happens twice: THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 10 AM-NOON at SEBASTIANI THEATRE and SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 11 AM-1 PM at LANDMARK VINEYARDS AT ANDREWS HALL

For more information on the program visit SVHS Video and for more info on the Showcase, visit SIFF. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.

Flipping the Script, interview with director Jeff Witzeman

Flipping the Script“Few know that children already in remission from cancer, are forced by doctors into long term (2-4 year) chemotherapy mostly to horrendous consequences. But parents are fighting back. They are demanding better. And they are finding a way through where none has been found before.”

When I interviewed Jeff about Cancer Can Be Killed last year, I thought that film was quite an eye-opener. I’ve got to say this follow up does not disappoint and is equally intriguing.

Banned from, you can see it here at the Sonoma International Film Festival! Showtimes: Thursday, March 28, 2 PM, SF Chronicle House of Docs & Shorts at Vets II
Saturday, March 30, 2:30 PM, SF Chronicle House of Docs & Shorts at Vets II

For more information visit Flipping the Script. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.

The Dishwasher, interview with writer/director/actor Jordan Jacinto

Jordan Jacinto the Dishwasher“This movie leaves you wanting more!” Cat Smith

Inspired by true events, a young family is thrown into upheaval when they receive a sinister message from the local cartel in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Learn with me about “Proof of Concept” and other interesting short film topics while we chat with man of many hats, Jordan Jacinto.

This short film preceeds Collisions. Showtimes: Thursday, March 28, 12:15 PM, Burlingame Hall, and Saturday, March 30, 2:30 PM, Landmark Vineyards at Andrews Hall

For more information visit I Am the Dishwasher. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.

Charlie Trotter, interview with director Renee Frigo

Charlie Trotter Film“On his path to perfection, Trotter improvised continually like a jazz musician-never repeating a dish twice.”

A really interesting film which will hopefully be a feature in the future. Here all about it from the director, Renee Frigo.

Part of the Food Shorts, it plays Friday, March 29, 2 PM, Burlingame Hall and Sunday, March 31, 3 PM, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

For more information, visit Oak Street Pictures. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.

From Baghdad to the BayFrom Baghdad to the Bay, interview with Erin Palmquist

From Baghdad to The Bay is a documentary that follows the journey of an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the US military.  Wrongfully accused of being a double agent, tortured by the U.S., and ostracized from his family and country, Ghazwan Alsharif struggles to rebuild his life in the United States while coming out as an openly gay man.

A rollercoaster of emotion, you can’t help but love Ghazwan Alsharif. Here all about his life and then go see the movie. Such a great film!

It only plays once so I suggest you don’t miss it! Saturday, March 30, 5:30 PM, Landmark Vineyards at Andrews Hall

For more information, visit From Baghdad to the Bay. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.

1500 Miles, interview with film’s subject Nicole Ver Kuilen

1500 MilesLast and most certainly not least is the story of an amazing woman! Follow Nicole on her triathlon journey of 1500 miles on a prosthetic leg she’s not sure will make it.

“1500 MILES is a documentary short about amputee athlete Nicole Ver Kuilen as she takes on a 1500 mile triathlon – swimming, biking, and running from Seattle to San Diego. Mile after mile, Nicole proves that she has the endurance, athleticism, and will to make it to the finish.”

I personally can’t wait to see what she does next! 1500 Miles preceeds Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story which plays Friday, March 29, 7:15 PM, Burlingame HallSaturday, March 30, 4:45 PM, Vintage House.

For more information, visit Nicole’s website Forrest Stump. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/19/19.