Lloyd the Conqueror, interview with filmmaker Brendan Hunter

Brian Pohsn in Lloyd the ConquerorFor show number 14, we had filmmaker Brendan Hunter call in to talk about his film, Lloyd the Conqueror.  The movie stars Sonoma Valley High School alum, Brian Posehn.  The movie has been showing at festivals, and is now available as an iTunes download.  Check out their official website for more information.  You can also find them on Facebook.  About Lloyd the Conqueror:

“After a night of video games and procrastination, Lloyd and his best friends, Patrick and Oswald, have slacked their way into losing their student funding. The trio’s only hope lies with their arrogant and quite “dick-ish” Medieval Literature professor, Derek. To save their mediocre academic careers, the guys enter a dark pact with their teacher who needs fresh victims to claim another Grand Champ…ionship in the imaginary world of Demons & Dwarves.”

Here now is the interview with producer Brendan Hunter, and below that, the trailer for the film.  Original air date: 11/27/2012

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