Sonoma International Film Festival, interviews with the filmmakers Part 4

The countdown continues: 1 day

As usual, I’ve got the inside scoop on some of my favorite films that you do not want to miss this year at the festival! Today, in another extended episode, I’ve got even more filmmaker interviews! This is the final show before the festival starts tomorrow. Who’s excited?

To see the entire film festival schedule with the complete list and description of every movie that will be here, visit the Sonoma International Film Festival’s website.

My Grandfather’s Memory Book, interview with creator Colin Levy

My Grandfather's Memory Book- Colin's GrampsPossibly my favorite of all the films this year. Definitely the one I felt most connected with. This is a charming animated documentary short that you actually can watch now. I will embed it at the end of this blog and you can see it for yourself. At just 4 minutes long (hopefully to be a feature someday!), the film is about:

“My Grandfather’s Memory Book is a short hand-drawn documentary about an unusual sketchbook that captures a lifetime of memories, connecting three generations through drawings, writings and dialogue.”

Here is the interview with the short film at the end of this post. Original air date: 3/26/2019.

After the Fire, interview with directors Derek Knowles & Spencer Seibert

After the Fire- General Vallejo during the Wine Country WildfiresThere is no one in the Valley that was not affected by the Wine Country Wildfires. This is a glimpse into the lives of three residents of Sonoma Valley in the three months following. It is a short film and while the fires were devastated to many parts of California, this was created solely to shine a light on what we went through here. About After the Fire:

“When historic wildfires erupted across northern California in October 2017, Derek rushed back to Sonoma Valley, where his mom has lived for the last seven years. She left, he stayed, and we made a film. “After the Fire follows” three residents of the Valley as they struggle to find their places in a community that has been re-shaped overnight by natural disaster. “

Find out more at Red Dwarf Productions. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/26/2019.

1500 Miles, interview with producer Jess Vogel and director Chris Duncan

The team behind 1500 MilesInspired by the previous week’s interview with Nicole Ver Kuilen, I was lucky enough to follow up with the director and producer of the film! A great team indeed. About 1500 Miles:

“Nicole’s dream is to tour the country with this film, so she can share her story with audiences across the country. With this increased awareness, Nicole can better advocate for changes to be made in America’s healthcare system and improve the lives of over 2 million amputees.”

Find out more at Forrest Stump. To hear Nicole’s interview, click here. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/26/2019.

July Rising, interview with producer Robert Mahaffie

A scene from July RisingWhile I didn’t get to see this film, it has a strong following because it was all filmed in nearby Lake County. Pre-sale tickets are sold out! Pass holders, no worries. You’ll still be able to get in. About July Rising:

“Andy struggles to cope with the loss of her grandfather, rebels against her new guardian, fights the bank and labors to keep her family’s legacy intact. Andy’s journey visits environmental conservation, equal opportunity for women, stewardship of rural lands, food pathways and urban:rural conflict. The threats to Andy’s way of life ensure that her ultimate struggle remains internal–with her future self.”

Find out more at July Rising. Here is the interview. Original air date: 3/26/2019.

The Blues Crab, interview with Ari Rubenstein

Character Development for the Blues Crab

This is the page on that I refer to in the interview.

The first interview I’ve ever done from my backyard, I chatted with Ari Rubenstein about his animated short, The Blues Crab and it’s musical influences. I’ve also learned never to interview anyone using my Apple iPhone headset. Sorry about my side of the conversation.

About The Blues Crab:

“In a small corner of the Chesapeake Bay, two young blue crabs fool around dangerously as an old gnarled crab attempts to impart some of his hard-earned wisdom.”

Find out more from Curv Studios. Here is the interview and remember to refer back to this image while listening. Original air date: 3/26/2019

Tiny Vineyards, interview with director Joe Daniel

Tiny Vineyards movie posterThis film really is a love letter to the residents of Sonoma Valley. While I didn’t get to see the final product, this gave me enough that I hope that we have a special local premiere outside of the festival! About Tiny Vineyards:

“Tiny Vineyards follows over a dozen hobby viticulturists and home wine makers in Sonoma through the triumph and travail of an entire season of growing grapes in their backyards and making wine in their basements. Reception immediately following film. All attendees invited.”

I will follow up to get you more information on the film but for now, here is the interview. Original air date: 3/26/2019.

And finally, watch now, My Grandfather’s Memory Book