Spit and Passion, interview with author Cristy C Road

Cristy C RoadWe had  Cristy C Road on to talk about her graphic novel, Spit and Passion.  The story is autobiographical about her life growing up lesbian, Cuban, and her connection the band Greenday.  Her band, the Homewreckers, was also a topic of discussion.  About Cristy C Road:

“Cristy C. Road is floating in a pool of her own blood, sweat, and occasional tears. C. Road is a Cuban-American artist and writer. Blending social principles, sexual deviance, mental inadequacies, and social justice- she thrives to testify the beauty of the imperfect.”

For more information on her art, books, band, life, etc., check out her Official Website.  Spit and Passion, as well as her first book, Bad Habits, A Love Story, are available on the “Merch” page of her site.  Also, go “like” her on Facebook.

Here is the interview followed by a song, “The Letter I Should Have Sent” by the Homewreckers.  Music used with permission.  Original air date 1/15/13

The Letter I Should Have sent by the Homewreckers

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