Static People, interview with front woman Dmitra Smith

Dmitra SmithLocal band, Static People” wins the award for Best Punk/Post Punk Artist 2013 from the Artists in Music Awards in Los Angeles on February 7th, so we had lead vocalist, Dmitra Smith in to talk about the band, the music, and the award.  About Static People:

“Static People was formed in 2008 by musicians from San Francisco and Sonoma, CA.  The sound is germinated in post punk/alt turbulence, a mix of dirty pop and melodic indie swells.”

Band members include:  Dmitra Smith, voice, keyboards; Pascal Faivre, guitars; Shawn Miller, bass; and Ken Fad Shelf, drums.

Their music is available on their Official Website.  Also, they are on Twitter and Facebook.  Plus there is a very cool article in Bullpit Magazine called Gen Exo-Rist: How Static People’s Dmitra Smith Slayed the Demons of Doubt.

Enjoy their music video below the podcast.  Original air date: 1/22/13

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