The Syndicate, interview with creator Ryan S Fix

Cat by Ryan S FixOn Show 22 we had another animator, Ryan S Fix, with another successful Kickstarter. He was working on the pilot of an animated series called, “The Syndicate.”  In the coming podcasts we have at least one of his voice actors chatting with us as well.  The project is still pretty hush-hush, but here’s some info about the animated series, the Syndicate:

“Follow the actions of two brothers and their friend as they attempt to dismantle a criminal organization known as The Syndicate.”

For more information on other projects and about Ryan S Fix, visit his Official Website.  Also, the picture above is a portrait Ryan did for me (Cat) after the show.  If you fancy voiceovers, go check out my Saturday Sketches exercise where this was the first sketch I featured.  Thanks again Ryan!  Also, follow him on Twitter!

Hopefully we can have him back on the air for a bit longer when he gets further along in the publicity of the project.  For now, enjoy!  Original air date: 1/22/13

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