The Syndicate, interview with voice actor Leisa Jo Waller

288_17663904089_4785_nA couple shows ago, Ryan S Fix called in to talk about the animated series he is developing called, “The Syndicate.”  Leisa Jo Waller is one of the man voice talents he has on board to voice the characters.  About Leisa Jo Waller:

“Leisa Jo is a classically trained singer with a strong background in theater,with a warm and inviting voice that has been heard on nationally run television spots for Sears, Marie Callender’s and eToys and more.”

Check out Leisa’s Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.  Also, even though The Syndicate is in production and I can’t share details, you can still check out it’s beginning steps on Kickstarter.

Listen to Leisa talking to us now about The Syndicate.  Original air date: 2/5/13

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