Supernatural Law, interview with creator Batton Lash

Supernatural LawCat met Batton Lash while doing interviews for the Geek Girl Project.  He was such a character, that after his Kickstarter for his new book, the Monsters Meet on Court Street, we invited him on the show to talk about it.  He also called in to talk about another book, The Werewolf of New York.  Both are part of his series, Supernatural Law.

About Supernatural Law:

“Beware the creatures of the night–they have lawyers! Attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd have a unique law practice: they defend vampires, werewolves, and
things that go bump in the night, with the aid of their intrepid secretary, Mavis!”

There are two websites to visit for more information: Supernatural Law & Exhibit Press. Both links to Kickstarter are in the paragraph above and you can search using Batton Lash.

Here is the interview with comic creator, Batton Lash.  Original air date:  5/21/13

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