Boogie Stomp! the movie, interview with filmmaker/musician Bob Baldori

Baldori with BB KingAnother fantastic documentary at the 2013 Sonoma International Film Festival was Boogie Stomp!  It featured filmmaker Bob Baldori and his musical partner (Seeley & Baldori) in a search to find an agent, and the history of boogie music.

About Boogie Stomp!:

“Boogie Stomp! chronicles the origins, and history of Boogie Woogie, an American art, portrayed in music and dance. Boogie Stomp! is also the story of two American legendary piano players, their passion and  mission to revitalize Boogie Woogie. Following their musical tours, USA and abroad, the film reveals their unique personalities, and extraordinary talents.”

Find out more about Boogie Stomp! and Seeley & Baldori at their Official Website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Here is the interview with Bob Baldori followed by a video of a Seeley & Baldori performance.  Original air date:  5/21/13

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