Marbles, Interview with author Ellen Forney

Marbles by Ellen ForneyAuthor Ellen Forney called in to discuss her graphic memoir, “Marbles. Mania, Depression, Michaelangelo, and Me.”  Entertainment Weekly called the book, “Visually radiant and vividly told…”

About Marbles:

“Darkly funny, intensely personal, and visually dynamic, Forney’s graphic memoir provides a visceral glimpse into the effects of a mood disorder on the artist’s work. Her story seeks the answer to this question: if there’s a correlation between creativity and mood disorders, is an artist’s bipolar disorder a curse, or a gift?”

The book is available every where books are sold.  For more information, visit her Official Website and check out the cartoonist’s Facebook page.  You can also follow her on Twitter

Here is the interview.  Original air date:  11/27/2012

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