The Vigilante Project, interview with creator Chris Dickens

Vigilante ProjectIn August, we talked to Chris Dickens, creator of the Vigilante Project, of which there were many things to discuss.  A lawsuit had just been filed to protect the comic so we discussed how important it is not only to protect your work, but to make sure you give credit where credit is due.  Also, SDCC had just come and gone where Chris had sat in on the panel, Full Time Creative Work on a Part Time Schedule.  Finally, it’s an amazing story in itself, so of course we talked about the book!  For an update on the lawsuit, click here.

About the Vigilante Project:

“Yvette Avenue Productions is the brainchild of Chris Dickens and Phil Morgenthaler. Friends since Junior High School, they grew up as neighbors on a street called Yvette Avenue. As fans of martial arts and science fiction comic books, films, video and tabletop games, Phil and Chris have always dreamed of sharing their own creation, and their own vision with the world. After years of development, the dynamic duo has arrived with what they believe will be a long series of entertaining, thought provoking transmedia offerings.”

For more information on The Vigilante Project, visit their official website and Yvette Ave Productions.  You can also be a fan of theirs on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the interview with Chris Dickens.  Original air date:  8/6/13

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