Voice Over Virtual, interview with organizer John Florian

John FlorianSome of you may have already heard this podcast if you follow my voice over blog, Living Out Loud.  Otherwise, here it finally is, and don’t worry!  It’s still relevant.  Voice Over Virtual goes through November 30.  The interview from Tom Dheere where he talkes about Tom’s Tiki Lounge at VOV is coming soon.  But in this episode, we talk to John Florian, founder of VoiceOverXtra about all the details.

About Voice Over Virtual:

Voice Over Virtual is a full-fledged totally online voice over conference featuring:

  • a customizable agenda of 50+ educational on-demand sessions that attendees can view according to their own personal schedule;
  • an interactive exhibit hall featuring voice over home studio audio equipment and professional services;
  • real-time webcam and text networking and learning with voice over professionals and colleagues;
  • downloads of professional materials including literature, video and audio

Attendees have until November 30, 2013 to return to the event website 24/7 to access presentation recordings, enjoy all webcam and text networking opportunities, attend special events, explore the virtual exhibits and download info in trainers’ Meeting Rooms.”

For more information on Voice Over Virtual visit and register at the Official Site.  To find out more about John Florian, visit the About page at VOV or his site VoiceOverXtra.com.  Both can be followed on Twitter:  VOV and John Florian.

Here is the interview with John Florian.  Original air date:  8/20/13

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