Punky Pets, interview with creator Charles Unger

Punky PetsPunky Pets are a fun little mixture of the Warped Tour, animation, and cuddly wuddlies created by Charles Unger.  We had him on the show to discuss music, Punky Pets, and the new smart phone app featuring the Pets.

About Punky Pets:

“These eight vastly different musicians meet up for the first time while auditioning for the hit TV show International Icon, in New York City.  Their dreams of stardom are crushed when each performer gets booed off the stage, laughed at, ignored and criticized for their lack of talent. At least now they all have something in common. They talk about giving up, they express self-doubt, and they call each other rejects. In their darkest hour they see the light.  With the help of a talent scout, they decide to turn their tragedy into triumph and form their own punk rock band.  They discover that they are stronger as a band, than as individual performers. At the end of the International Icon contest, The Punky Pets get up on stage, overcome their anxieties and play for the first time.”

For more information on the Punky Pets, visit their Official Site, YouTube, Facebook, and TwitterClick here for more information on the iPhone App.

Here is the interview with Charles Unger followed by the Punky Pets video that made me fall in love with New Years Day.  (This is a different song than the one I played on the air.)  Original air date:  8/20/13

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