Rock Jocks the Movie, interview with actor Andrew Bowen

actor Andrew BowenThis was a fun interview!  Actor Andrew Bowen called in to talk about his new film, Rock Jocks (which along with other locations just recently was added to Netflix).  We had a little problem with remembering cussing is not okay on the radio, so in this podcast, either the words will be there or a jump will happen skipping a few words here and there.  I’m not sure how real time works vs the recording.  Either way, enjoy!

About Rock Jocks:

“Imagine asteroids so large that they can wipe out all life on the planet constantly bombarding the Earth. The only things standing in the way are the Rock Jocks, a top-secret band of government employees, who pilot asteroid-killing satellites.”

For more about Andrew Bown, visit his Official Website, Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.  Rock Jocks the movie is available on Amazon and Netflix, as well as DVD through the Official Website.  Follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the interview followed by a trailer for Rock Jocks.  Original air date:  8/27/13

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