Sorrow’s Knot, interview with author Erin Bow

Cover of Sorrow's KnotWhile in Canada for the Vancouver International Film Festival, our good friends Jason Ghiselin and Patricia Peterson sat in for the day.  Jason can be found on Sun FM Fridays at 5 pm for G5 Radio, and Patricia hosts The Empower Hour at 1 pm on Tuesdays. They interviewed Erin Bow about her most recent book, Sorrow’s Knot.

About Sorrow’s Knot (a novel for young adults):

“At the very edge of the world live the Shadowed People. And with them live the dead.

There, in the village of Westmost, Otter is born to power. She is the proud daughter of Willow, the greatest binder of the dead in generations. It will be Otter’s job someday to tie the knots of the ward, the only thing that keeps the living safe.

Kestrel is in training to be a ranger – one of the brave women who venture into the forest to gather whatever the Shadowed People can’t live without.  It will be Kestrel and her sister rangers who stand against whatever dark threat might slip through the ward’s defenses.”

To learn more about Erin Bow, visit her official website.  The book is available online and in bookstores.  Erin can be followed on Twitter.

Here is the interview led by Jason and Patricia.  Original air date:  10/1/13

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