A Conversation About Cheating With My Time Traveling Future Self, interview with filmmaker Pornsak Pichetshote

Film PromoAnother friend from the Sonoma International Film Festival has been having a lot of success with his short film at many festivals since.  Pornsak Pichetshote made an amazing film called, A Conversation About Cheating with My Time-Traveling Future Self.

About A Conversation About Cheating:

 “An amalgam of genres, ‘A Conversation about Cheating with my Time-Traveling Future Self’ blends sci-fi, drama, comedy, and epiphanies. It follows Stan, a man with a hidden and underutilized talent–the ability to travel back in time. And yet despite his abilities, he’s still dissatisfied with life. Until one night when he’s approached by a future version of himself, one clad in an expensive suit and telling him there’s only one way to truly make his life better: By cheating on his girlfriend. A heated conflict leads to questions about fate, fidelity, and love as one man passionately argues with himself in a theater piece that could only be accomplished on film.”

For now, the only place to follow the happenings of this traveling short are to follow them on Facebook.

Here is the interview with Pornsak.  Original air date:  10/8/13


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