Premiering Films: Doonby & Dragon Day, interview with actress Jenn Gotzon

Still from Dragon DayJenn Gotzon, one of our favorite guests, is super busy these days.  She recently had two films premiere the same weekend!  This episode, she called in to tell us about Doonby and Dragon Day.

About Doonby:

“Sam seems to always be in the right place at the right time to prevent disasters from happening in the town. Before long, jealousy and suspicion drive the townspeople to question his sudden arrival and motives. Finally, when Laura begins to doubt him as well, he disappears as quickly as he materialized. Soon, everyone realizes that there was more to Sam Doonby  than they understood, especially Cyrus and his family as the doctor’s past comes back to haunt him.”

About Dragon Day:

“Duke, an out-of-work NSA engineer, finds his family stuck in a small mountain town the day a devastating cyberattack destroys the U.S. as we know it. Every microchip ‘Made in China’ has been infected with a virus that rapidly shuts down all modern technology. Duke’s fate becomes intertwined with a Mexican migrant worker as they fight the odds to survive in a chaotic world without water, food or power.”

Jenn Gotzon can be found on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.  Doonby has an Official Website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Dragon Day also has an Official Site, Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the interview followed by a trailer for each film.  Original air date:  October 15, 2013.

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