Foxed, interview with director/producer James Stewart

James StewartA fun, dark little short I found at the Vancouver International Film Festival was called “Foxed.”  It is a stop animation film by James Stewart, who called the show to tell us all about it.  (Thank you again Jason Ghiselin for sitting in for me.)

About James Stewart:

“Producer/Director James Stewart is one of a small group of directors worldwide to have worked in Digital 3D.  He directed a groundbreaking live action Digital 3D film for a major automotive company,  several of the world’s first 3D commercials, as well as the world’s first 3D Public Service Announcement.  As a leading voice in the Digital 3D movement, James is sought-after speaker on the power,  potential and commercial application of Digital 3D—speaking most recently at the 3-Dimension Film Festival in France and at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles.”

Visit Foxed’s Official Website for more on the short film.  For more information on Digital 3D, visit  James can also be followed on Twitter.

Here is the interview followed by the trailer for Foxed!  Original air date:  11/26/13

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