Some Nerve, interview with author Patty Chang Anker

Patty Chang Anker photo c Alison Sheehy

Patty Chang Anker photo c Alison Sheehy

One of my favorite books that came out this year was Some Nerve by Patty Chang Anker.  She is inspiring because she challenges people to take on the little every day fears that can really become disabling over time.  Patty called in to chat with us all about her book.

About Some Nerve:

“Inspired and inspiring, Some Nerve draws on Anker’s interviews with teachers, therapists, coaches, and clergy to impart both practical advice and profound wisdom. Through her own journey and the stories of dozens of others who have triumphed over common fears, she conveys with humor and infectious exhilaration the most vital lesson of all: Fear isn’t an end point, but the point of entry to a life of incomparable joy.”

For more information on Some Nerve and Patty Chang Anker, visit her official website.  Also, take the #somenerve challenge!  She can also be followed on Twitter.

Here is the interview.  Original air date:  12/3/13

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