Buzzmob, interview with CEO Jeff Jackel

Buzzmob Photo BoothOne of the fun things I enjoyed at Stan Lee’s Comikaze was running into the blue wigged girls of Buzzmob, using their photo booth, and using the app to see what people were saying about the con.  We had CEO, Jeff Jackel, on to talk to us about what else the app is used for.

About Buzzmob:

“BuzzMob is a location-based platform that brings social media communication to real-world places and events. It connects with your current location and puts you in touch with the people around you in a real-time, live community. Mobsters within the same location are instantly connected, to talk; share tips, photos, and media; and receive exclusive content from within a digital network. BuzzMob’s real-time social networking platform is changing the way we experience and interact with the everyday world.”

Buzzmob is available for both Android and Apple products.  It is a free download.  Explore their official website for more information.

Here is the interview.  Original air date:  12/17/13

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