Megan Landry, interview with the singer/songwriter

Cover of Stills by Megan LandryCat discovered Megan Landry, a charming young singer/songwriter in Canada via Twitter postings from YouTube.  When she heard her incredible voice, we had to get her on the show.

Photo here is the cover of her newest album, Stills and is her photography.

About Megan Landry:

Expressing myself is the entire purpose of being an artist. Making a point, sharing opinions, shaking sense, primping feelings — it’s all part of it. The instruments paint the emotions and the lyrics paint the story.

Her videos, which are incredible, can be found on YouTube.  As she doesn’t have an official website, check out her Facebook page.  All of her music can be purchased from Reverb Nation and CD Baby.  Also, follow her on Twitter!

Here is the interview followed by the video of her song, Stronger.  Original air date:  1/28/14

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