Gamemasters Update with creator Michael Dismuke

Issue 3 Red Rover's RevengeMichael Dismuke as part of his Kickstarter was promoting an audio accompaniment, a read-along if you will, for the 3rd issue of Gamemasters Comics, Red Rover’s Revenge.  When available, Cat is the voice of the narrator and the villainous Red Rover.  To find out more, listen to the interview!

About Red Rover’s Revenge:

Young rapper Askia Jones has a deadbeat dad. It breaks his little heart. But all hope is not lost. He finds himself in love with Summer (a.k.a. Sham, the female member of Roshambo). But when a mockery is made of his feelings, his love turns to anger and all heck breaks loose on the playground as Askia becomes Red Rover. Can Ro and Bo stop the high-tech hip-hop hooligan whose rhymes can control minds.

If you would like to hear more about the contest we ran for the voices, check out the blog entry at Gamemasters.  The contest is of course long since passed.  For all the other contact details, or if you missed the first interview, go back to the Gamemasters interview here.

Here is the interview.  Original air date:  2/25/14


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