Waking Marshall Walker, interview with filmmaker Georgio Litt

Georgio LittAnother short filmmaker using our area as an additional character was Georgio Litt.  He called to tell us all about Waking Marshall Walker, which was one of my favorite shorts of the Sonoma International Film Festival.

About Waking Marshall Walker:

A short film about a father in mourning, trapped between worlds – the past, the present, this life and the next – the daughter Charlotte he leaves behind and a mysterious stranger. Driven by unshakable premonitions, Charlotte and the stranger risk everything to save her father and return him to the moment before everything important started to disappear.

There aren’t a lot of links to share for this film, but you can check out Soul of Wit Films, as well as Georgio Litt on IMDb.

Here is the interview followed by a trailer for the film.  Original air date: 3/25/14

Waking Marshall Walker Trailer 2 from Soul of Wit on Vimeo.

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