You Kick Ass, interview with CEO Keri Andrews

You Kick AssSometimes I search Kickstarter just to see what amazing ideas people are having. This is one I fell in love with right away!  This company uses a 3D printer to put your face on a superhero body as an action figure!  The CEO and co-creator Keri Andrews called to tell us all about it.

About You Kick Ass:

We’re a small company with big dreams and we invite you to cross into the field of adventure with us to celebrate your hero’s journey.

When you go to their webpage, you will see a message stating that production is stopped for now.  While that is true, you can still search around on the site to see the body designs and learn about the company.  Visit You Kick Ass to find out more.

Here is the interview.  Original air date: 7/1/14


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