I Am Gabriel, interview with actress Jenn Gotzon

Actress Jenn GotzonJenn Gotzon is always a delight to talk to and one of our favorite guests!  On show two she made her first appearance with us to discuss the recent release of her movie, I Am Gabriel.  A blurb on Jenn from her website:

“Actress JENN GOTZON is a small-town girl who has big dreams of making a difference in people’s lives as a RISING INDIE FILM STAR starring in 9 feature films coming to theaters and dvd this year ranging from family-friendly films, faith-based movies, romantic-comedies to edgy, action thrillers and historical human interest portrayals.”

In “I am Gabriel,” she plays lead opposite Dean Cain, who you might remember from playing Superman in Louis & Clark.  It’s the story about the miracles that happen when a mysterious boy comes to a dying town.

Links: Jenn’s Website, Jenn’s FB Page, Jenn’s TwitterMovie FB Page



Enjoy now our first interview with Jenn Gotzon.  Original air date: September 4, 2012

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