Ex’s with Benefits, interview with musician Dmitra Smith

Dmitra SmithDmitra Smith gets around!  Bands.  She plays with a few bands.  Where’s your mind?  This time she came in to tell us the happenings of Ex’s with Benefits.

About Exes:

Ex’s With Benefits formed in 2012 when Alex Vincent (founding drummer of the seminal “grunge” band Green River) had written some music for possible future recordings by Green River that never materialized. Not wanting the music to go to waste, he held on to them hoping at the very least, to hear what they sound like with vocals put to them. He reconnected with a high school friend, Dmitra Smith, who was an amazing vocalist in a San Francisco band, Static People, and sent some of the songs her way to see if she’d be able to put something on top of them just for sheer curiosity. The “sheer curiosity” became a real collaboration almost immediately when everything just clicked. Her slasher/siren-song vocals on top of the power-pop / punk / rock riffs meshed together in perfect combination. Soon to join afterwards was Frenchman extraordinaire, Pascal Faivre on guitar, and rumbling Dave Place on bass.

For more information and to buy music, go to their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here is the interview followed by a video for


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