The Log Lady, interview with Twin Peaks actress Catherine E Coulson

The Log LadyThis is one of the more special interviews to me because not soon after, Catherine passed away. I was so excited to talk to her but was sick. Jason & guest Dwayne Dexter did a great job filling in. Here is actress Catherine E Coulson talking about her work with the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and the revamping of Twin Peaks. I hope that she is in at least part of what David Lynch had filmed.

About Catherine E Coulson:

Catherine E. Coulson began her professional association with director David Lynch when she worked as assistant director on Lynch’s legendary feature debut Eraserhead (1977). This is when the two began discussing the idea of a woman who carried a log around with her. Coulson spent much of her career working behind-the-scenes before finally bringing the Log Lady to life on Lynch’s cult TV series Twin Peaks (1990). The Log Lady was one of the most puzzling and emblematic of the show’s characters, and she has ensured Coulson a permanent place in the hearts of cult TV fans.

To read a lovely farewell to Catherine, check out this article from Entertainment Weekly.

Here is the interview followed by a teaser for the new showtime revival of Twin Peaks. Original air date: 2/17/2015

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