Quaker Oaths, interview with filmmaker Louisiana Kreutz

Movie Poster: Quaker OathsA fun romantic comedy appearing at the Sonoma International Film Festival this year is Quaker Oaths and we had writer/director, Louisiana Kreutz on to tell us all about the film.

Have you heard of unicycle football? Either had I before watching this film!

About Quaker Oaths:

When Quakers get married, they ask every wedding guest to sign their marriage certificate. It’s a sweet tradition that signifies the importance of community. But when Joe and Emily want to get divorced, that sweet tradition creates an unexpected challenge: now every guest must cross off their name to make the split official. In this off-beat comedy, our two would-be divorcees hit the highway to track down friends and relatives, revisiting old feelings and discovering new ones along the way.

About Louisiana:

Louisiana (or Lucy for short) is an Austin-based director of both documentary and narrative films.

For more information on the film, visit the Official Website, and visit them on Facebook. You can also check out the cast and crew on IMDB.  For more information on Unicycle Football, click here.

Here is the interview followed by a trailer for the film. Original air date: 3/28/17.

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