Raven Awakens, interview with director Thom Butler

Thom ButlerA local and an absolute delight, director Thom Butler was in studio to discuss his feature documentary, Raven Awakens. The focus of the film is another local, an artist, Jim Callahan, and his journey in the creation of a bronze statue of a raven.

About the film:

“Our first film in the series looks at Sonoma, California bronze sculptor, Jim Callahan and his sculpting and casting process along with a healthy dose of his views on art, the world of humans and animals, and the process of creativity.”

About Jim Callahan:

“I believe that art is an expression of being alive. So, regardless of whether I have chosen sculpture or the fates have conspired and directed me here, this is my life.”

To find out more about Raven Awakens and the rest of the Vocabulary of Expression films, and to see several videos of the sculpting process, visit Thom Butler’s Offical Website. To learn more about Sonoma artist, Jim Callahan, visit his Official Website. Finally, Jim is working on a historic piece, a bronze sculpture of General Vallejo to stand as a monument on the Plaza. Find out more at the General Vallejo Monument Committee‘s website.

Here is the interview, original air date: 3/28/17


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