Lola & Lucy’s Big Adventure, interview with developer Jane Jensen

Lola & Lucy's Big AdventureJane Jensen, half of the husband/wife creative team behind Pinkerton Road called in to talk about their latest app, Lola & Lucy’s Big Adventure.  It’s an interactive story for iPad:

“This is the first release from Pinkerton Road, a new game development studio based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The studio is run by a husband and wife team, Robert Holmes and Jane Jensen, who both got their start in game development in the 1990s at Sierra On-Line (a now defunct video game company that used to be headquartered in the Yosemite area). Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure a kids’ ebook, with a story that follows two English bulldogs (based on the couple’s actual dogs) on an adventure across the US as they search for their “true purpose” in life. It’s really cute and super interactive — a great story for parents (especially dog lovers!) to share with their kids.”

You can follow Jane Jensen on Facebook and Twitter.  Pinkerton Road can also be followed on Facebook.  Original air date: November 6, 2012

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