Sonoma International Film Festival 2018, Interviews with the Filmmakers

SIFF18 is upon us!

And I’ve got the inside scoop on some of my favorite films that you do not want to miss this year! This Tuesday, March 20th, you will have a chance to hear two more filmmakers just in time for the festival start!

Without further ado, here are some must-see films while you are wandering downtown Sonoma wondering what to watch. To see the entire film festival schedule with the complete list and description of every movie that will be here, visit the Sonoma International Film Festival’s website.

Sam Did It, Interview with Dominic Burgess

"Sam Did It" Short Film“Right on the border of relatable and creepy.” Cat Smith

This is an awesome dark comedy playing in the Comedy Shorts Program. Thursday, 3:45 PM, SF Chronicle House of Docs & Shorts at Vets II and Friday, 1:30 PM, SF Chronicle House of Docs & Shorts at Vets II.

More information: Sam Did It. Here is the interview, original air date: 2/20/2018

Status Pending, interview with Ben Zolno

Status Pending Film“STATUS PENDING is an improvised-dialogue “mumblecore” romantic-dramedy feature film.”

An entertaining romp all taking place in one location over one day. (Of course, not filmed in one day!) Friday, 2 PM, Andrews Hall and Saturday, 7:30 PM, Celebrity Cruises Theater
at Burlingame Hall.

More information: Status Pending. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/6/2018

Wilder Than Wilder, interview with Stephan Most & Kevin White

Wilder Than Wild film still“Probably the most fascinating film I have seen this year.” Cat Smith

Everyone here has been affected by the fires. This will answer some of your lingering questions, and give you an education on all aspects of fire from controlled to storms. Thursday, 11:45 AM, Vets I and Saturday, 7:30 PM, Andrews Hall

More information: Website is still pending, for now, Wilder Than Wild Facebook page. Here is the interview with the filmmakers, original air date: 3/6/2018

You Can’t Say No, interview with Hus Miller

You Can't Say No movie poster“A roller coaster of emotions is such a cliche thing to say, but it really did take me all over the range! It’s an outstanding cast and Hamish Linklater is definately a scene stealer!” Cat Smith

They challenge each other to a game that has only one rule: no matter what they ask each other to do, they can’t say no. Friday, 5:45 PM, Vintage House and Sunday, 12 PM, Celebrity Cruises Theater at Burlingame Hall

More information: You Can’t Say No. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/6/2018

Life Hack, interview with Sloan Copeland

Life Hack on the set“There is no more modern a way to fall in love. And apparently, everyone nowadays knows at least one hacker or cyber security agent, lol.” Cat Smith

It’s just a great film. Great actors. Great story. They won’t be in attendance so I’m here to tell you it’s worth checking out! Thursday, 9 AM, Andrews Hall and Saturday, 2:30 PM, Andrews Hall

More information: Life Hack. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/13/2018

Joe Frank: Somewhere Out There, Interview with DP Carleson

Joe Frank, Somewhere Out There“A feature length film that explores the life of award-winning audio artist Joe Frank whose career on radio and on-line has spanned four decades.”

This film is still raising money to pay for the royalties needed to keep Joe Franks work in the film. He often talked over music. Visit Indiegogo to contribute.

More information: Joe Frank Movie. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/13/2018


So each of these films will have their own page with additional information and trailers, but I wanted to get these interviews out quickly. I know you are all planning your viewing schedule.

Don’t forget, Tuesday, March 20 will have the filmmakers behind The California No and Cancer Can Be Killed. I’m really looking forward to watching both films this weekend in preparation!

See you at the festival!

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