Sonoma International Film Festival 2018, Interviews with the Filmmakers Part 2

Made a mad rush to get this edited in time for the film festival, but here it is! Two more films for your consideration: The California No and Cancer Can Be Killed. To see the entire film festival schedule with the complete list and description of every movie that will be here, visit the Sonoma International Film Festival’s website.

The California No

The California No- Elliott at a Party Still“It must be a Southern California thing. Also, don’t be a passenger.” Cat Smith

During his first visit to couples therapy, a hapless Los Angeleno finds out he’s in an open marriage. Friday, 11:45 AM, Celebrity Cruises Theater at Burlingame Hall and Sunday, 6 PM, Andrews Hall.

More information: The California No. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/20/2018

Cancer Can Be Killed

Cancer Can Be Killed“The cancer can be killed website is a place to affirm everything we know about cancer, how it can be killed, but also its place in this world, why it exists and what it hopes to teach us.”

A filmmaker on a quest to find out why and how his wife was cured of her cancer in 30 days. Thursday, 4:45 PM, at Andrews Hall and Saturday, 4:45 PM, at Vintage House


If you can’t make it to the festival, the film is VOD on Amazon and other sources. Check the website for details.

More information: Cancer Can Be Killed. Here is the interview, original air date: 3/20/2018

So each of these films will have their own page with additional information and trailers, but I wanted to get these interviews out quickly. I know you are all planning your viewing schedule.

See you at the festival!