Teached, interview with filmmaker Kelly Amis

TeachedKelly Amis is a former teacher, and the Producer/Director of the Teached short film series.  Volume 1 was shown at the Sonoma International Film Festival in 2012.  The Teached website (from Loudspeaker Films) has information on screenings and scheduling.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.  In fact, last night on FB they mentioned they are nearing 3,000 followers, so why not help them out and give them a “like?”

Here is what Kelly says about the films on their website:


” TEACHED was originally conceived as a feature-length documentary film. I wrote the basic outline for it nearly a decade ago, but it sat on a shelf until 2009 when the stars aligned for me to seriously consider producing it.

Then, during production, it became clear that our impact might be greater by producing an ongoing series of short films. This way we could build a library of films that would document the ever-changing education landscape over time and also provide useful tools for education advocates who could mix and match the films in interactive screening events specifically tailored to their communities and the issues that concern them. Additionally, we believe short documentary films will reach a much larger and more diverse audience online; the impact is potentially huge. The first result of this decision is TEACHED Vol. I, a trilogy of short documentary films examining some of the most pressing issues in education today. We look forward to your feedback on the films and suggestions for future TEACHED subjects.”

The trailer is below the podcast.  Originally aired 11/13/2012

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