GPS, interview with filmmaker Billy Higgins

GPS Short

Billy Higgins created a suspenseful short called GPS which screened at the Sonoma International Film Festival.  He called in to tell us all about the film which featured some local scenery. About GPS: Grace Paula Salvatori (LaRue) is a young housewife in Napa who does not trust her wealthy husband. When she uses G.P.S. to spy on him, her discoveries […]

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Espionage Cosmetics, interview with CEO & founder Jamie Cordero

Also known as the “Glitter Jedi,” Jamie Cordero who is the CEO as well as founder of Espionage Cosmetics called to chat with us about creating cosmetics for “geek girls.”  It’s true.  Nerdy girls like to be pretty too! About Espionage: Espionage Cosmetics is run by an all-pro, all-nerd team that is passionate about all of the geeky stuff in the […]

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Geek & Sundry’s Critical Hit Cocktails, interview with Mitch Hutts

Geek & Sundry has lots of vloggers on their YouTube channel.  They cover every geeky topic you can think of.  One of them, Mitch Hutts, is your official geeky bartender through his show, Critical Hit Cocktails.  He called in to tell us all about how he comes up with his nerdy concoctions. About the Drunken Moogle: Critical Hit Cocktails is […]

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Voice Over Virtual, interview with organizer John Florian

Voice Over Virtual

Some of you may have already heard this podcast if you follow my voice over blog, Living Out Loud.  Otherwise, here it finally is, and don’t worry!  It’s still relevant.  Voice Over Virtual goes through November 30.  The interview from Tom Dheere where he talkes about Tom’s Tiki Lounge at VOV is coming soon.  But in this episode, we talk […]

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Actor. Writer. Whatever., interview with author Mellini Kantayya

Mellani Kantayya.Credit_Deborah_Lopez

I was passed on the book, Actor Writer Whatever by Mellini Kantayya by the folks at the morning show.  They thought she would be a good fit for our show, and she most certainly was!  I can’t tell you how much I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who is even the least bit creative. About Actor. […]

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Boogie Stomp! the movie, interview with filmmaker/musician Bob Baldori

Baldori with BB King

Another fantastic documentary at the 2013 Sonoma International Film Festival was Boogie Stomp!  It featured filmmaker Bob Baldori and his musical partner (Seeley & Baldori) in a search to find an agent, and the history of boogie music. About Boogie Stomp!: “Boogie Stomp! chronicles the origins, and history of Boogie Woogie, an American art, portrayed in music and dance. Boogie Stomp! […]

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