The Sonoma Police Report the audio book, interview with author Joshua Farrell

Local and long time friend, Josh Farrell, returned to the show to tell us about the audiobook being released for his book, The Sonoma Police Report.  If you thought it was funny to read, wait until you hear someone reading it to you! About Police Report: funny, odd tales from the wine country To find out more about the book, […]

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Economics of the Undead, interview with authors Glen Whitham & James Dow

Economics of the Undead

We had a little trouble with the phone lines in the new studio so we really only chatted with one author about the book but it was really interesting all the same. About Economics of the Undead: Whether preparing us for economic recovery after the zombie apocalypse, analyzing vampire investment strategies, or illuminating the market forces that affect vampire-human romances, […]

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Some Nerve, interview with author Patty Chang Anker

One of my favorite books that came out this year was Some Nerve by Patty Chang Anker.  She is inspiring because she challenges people to take on the little every day fears that can really become disabling over time.  Patty called in to chat with us all about her book. About Some Nerve: “Inspired and inspiring, Some Nerve draws on […]

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Fosse, interview with author Sam Wasson

Author Sam Wasson called the show to tell us all about his newest book, Fosse, a biography of the famous choreographer.  He was a lot of fun to chat with. About Fosse: “More than a quarter-century after his death, Bob Fosse’s fingerprints  on popular culture remain indelible. The only person ever to win Oscar,  Emmy, and Tony awards in the […]

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Voice Acting for Dummies, interview with author Stephanie Cicarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli and her husband are the co-founders of and co-wrote Voice Acting for Dummies together.  She called in to talk about the book,, the current trends in voiceovers, and her background.  We had a really great chat. About Voice Acting for Dummies: “With step-by-step explanations and an abundance of examples, Voice Acting For Dummies is the ultimate […]

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