Boogie Stomp! the movie, interview with filmmaker/musician Bob Baldori

Baldori with BB King

Another fantastic documentary at the 2013 Sonoma International Film Festival was Boogie Stomp!  It featured filmmaker Bob Baldori and his musical partner (Seeley & Baldori) in a search to find an agent, and the history of boogie music. About Boogie Stomp!: “Boogie Stomp! chronicles the origins, and history of Boogie Woogie, an American art, portrayed in music and dance. Boogie Stomp! […]

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My Amityville Horror, interview with filmmaker Eric C Walter

I’ve always been obsessed with the Amityville storyline.  So when I saw a blurb in Entertainment Weekly about a new documentary from Eric Walter called, My Amityville Horror, I had to have him on air to talk about his film.  He is the writer/director, and his subject matter was Daniel Lutz, the young boy who lived the horror story in […]

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Supernatural Law, interview with creator Batton Lash

Supernatural Law

Cat met Batton Lash while doing interviews for the Geek Girl Project.  He was such a character, that after his Kickstarter for his new book, the Monsters Meet on Court Street, we invited him on the show to talk about it.  He also called in to talk about another book, The Werewolf of New York.  Both are part of his series, […]

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Warm Bodies, interview with author Isaac Marion

author Isaac Marion

One of my favorite books in 2013 was called Warm Bodies, which was also turned into a major motion picture.  It is a zombie love story.  Isaac Marion, author of the book, called in to talk about the story, what’s coming, and how he feels about having his novel turned into film. About Warm Bodies: “Scary, funny, and surprisingly poignant, […]

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As High as the Sky, interview with writer/director Nikki Braendlin and actress Caroline Fogarty

As high As the sky

After the Sonoma International Film Festival, actress Caroline Fogarty and writer/director Nikki Braendlin called in to discuss their film, As High As the Sky.  The movie received the Best American Independent Feature juried award at Sonoma’s festival. About As High As the Sky: “Margaret has always been a little… particular. But since being jilted by her fiance, her obsessive-compulsive behaviors […]

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Voice Acting for Dummies, interview with author Stephanie Cicarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli and her husband are the co-founders of and co-wrote Voice Acting for Dummies together.  She called in to talk about the book,, the current trends in voiceovers, and her background.  We had a really great chat. About Voice Acting for Dummies: “With step-by-step explanations and an abundance of examples, Voice Acting For Dummies is the ultimate […]

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