Foraging & Feasting, interview with author Dina Falconi

Foraging and FeastingThere are tons of edible things in the wild, some even in your back yard.  Dina Falconi has written a book to guide you through the plants, with beautiful illustration.  There is also a section of recipies.  Is that a weed?  Or an tasty delicacy?  Find out in Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook.  I (Cat) had laryngitis, but Jason Ghiselin sat in with Melissa to interview author Dina Falconi.

About Foraging & Feasting:

“The effort weaves together Dina’s 30 years of passionate investigations into wild-plant identification, foraging and cooking with Wendy’s deft artistic skills honed over 15  years as a botanical illustrator. For the past three years we have been writing, drawing, designing and testing the recipes for this book. The result is an abundance of recipes and illustrations that celebrate wild plants and creative ways to bring them into our lives.”

The book is available at the Botanical Arts Press.  Explore the Official Website and “like” them on Facebook.  Original air date:  3/5/2013


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