Alone Yet Not Alone, interview with actress Jenn Gotzon

Jen Gotzon in Alone Yet Not AloneA regular on our show, Jenn Gotzon called in to discuss her film Alone Yet Not Alone, and the controversy surrounding the song being nominated for an Academy Award aka Oscar.  The nom was soon after revoked.

About Alone Yet Not Alone:

Seeking religious freedom in America, a devout Christian family from Germany settles in the peaceful Pennsylvania colony – only to find themselves caught in the crossfire of the French & Indian War. Following a merciless raid on their settlement, daughters Barbara and Regina are abducted, separated, then raised by their Delaware captors in the harsh Ohio wilderness. Now, only their devotion to each other and faith in the Lord can lead them through their darkest hours and back to freedom in this inspirational, true story.

About the song (see video below the trailer to the film):

This beautiful rendition of the song Alone Yet Not Alone is performed by Joni Eareckson Tada ( Quadriplegic, Joni Eareckson Tada with limited lung capacity due to her disability, had her husband, Ken, pushing on her diaphragm while she recorded the song to give her enough breath to hit the high notes.

The film can be found at their official website, as well as Facebook & Twitter.  Jen Gotzon can be found on her official site.

Here is the interview followed by a trailer for the movie and a video of the almost award winning song, “Alone Yet Not Alone.”  Original air date:  2/25/14

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