Voxy Ladies, interview with voice actress Lisa Biggs

Lisa BiggsVoxy Ladies is a “unique boutique of professional female voice artists.”  My friend Lisa Biggs started the group and called not just to tell us about VL, but also the charities they have going through the holiday season.

About Lisa:

Lisa’s voice has elicited teasing and nicknames like “squeaky” since grade school. Even as a sophomore in college, after giving an oral presentation in sociology class, her professor approached her privately to say, “Your presentation was great, but you know if anybody is going to take you seriously in the real world you’re going to have to do something about your voice”. And that’s exactly what Lisa did…

To find out more about becoming a Voxy Lady or how to get involved in their charities, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter.  To find out more about Lisa Biggs and her voiceovers, visit her website!

Here is the interview followed by a promo voiced by Lisa Biggs.  Original air date: 12/9/14

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