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“Cat Smith is a creative and positive voice talent, with excellent writing and blogging skills. She is a pleasure to communicate with! ”
~ Steven Lowell, Community Manager, Voice 123

It's so crazy when you meet someone and they feel like an old friend immediately. Really--you made us so comfortable. Just felt like we'd known you for a long time.
~Elizabeth Jackson, Producer, Falling Overnight

It was a pleasure to co-host Mornings in Sonoma with Cat Smith. Her commitment to her work, the quality of her skills as a interviewer, board operator, and her lovely & unique personality on air makes for a great partner.
~ Ken Brown, Host and Producer, Mornings in Sonoma


As independent filmmakers, we are always excited to talk to folks who are passionate about people & their unique stories, and who love what they do as much we do-Cat Smith is that kind of "folks." Curiosity definitely did not this Cat--her thoughtful and inquisitive nature keeps her alive and vivacious, poised to both celebrate and reveal the work of those she interviews.
~Erika and Daniel Beahm
Makers of "Leading Ladies"

Cat is one of the most talented radio personalities I have had the honor of working with. Her unique voice lends fascination to the content of what sheis working towards and flavor to whatever she is creating.
~Katy Byrne, MA, MFT, Radio, TV, Producer, Author

Cat has been a guest host on my radio show numerous times over the years and I love having her every time! She has an amazing, captivating radio voice and is incredible to work with. I highly recommend her and her silky sweet voice for any voice work.
~Donn Dabney, Host and Producer, G5 Radio
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