Silver Circle Movie, Interview with marketing manager Megan Duffield

meg2Show number one and our very first guest was Megan Duffield from the Silver Circle Movie [HD].

According to their website Megan is:

“Megan is the all-powerful Marketing Manager. She’s an event plannin’, bloggin, tweetin, facebookin’ ninja…not to mention a defender of liberty who rocks the dance floor. She’s a threat.”

Silver Circle is a movie that looks like a comic book.  They used live actors and animated over them to create a very unique movie.  For more information on the story, please visit their website, but also, listen to our show!  Megan Duffield will tell you all about it.

The movie is available at Amazon (Silver Circle in HD), and they released a graphic novel which is available for purchase at their web store.

Other links:  Website, Store,Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed

Listen to the interview below.  Original air date: August 28, 2012

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