The Price of Blood, interview with author Patricia Bracewell

Patricia BracewellAuthor Patricia Bracewell called to tell us all about her new release, The Price of Blood.  It is a continuation of the story from her first book, Shadow on the Crown

About the Price of Blood:

Determined to protect her child from any who would harm him, the queen forges alliances with men of power, unaware that in a far corner of the kingdom there is treachery afoot. When England is ravaged by wave after wave of Viking armies, when loyalties are strained to the breaking point and no one is safe from the sword, the queen faces a final, terrible dilemma, and at stake is the one thing that she holds most dear.

About Patricia Bracewell:

I am a writer of historical fiction set in 11th century England. It is a time and a place that have always fascinated me, and in my books I try to re-create that distant world for my readers. I hope that your exploration of this website will pique your interest in that world, and in a very remarkable woman: Emma of Normandy, England’s twice-crowned queen.

For more information on the book and where to find it, check out her website and Facebook.

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